OrgVue 3.6a Release Notes

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Creating, deleting, restoring and reverting edits to Nodes

Painting with Data

Feedback Portal


We are pleased to announce the launch of OrgVue 3.6a. We have made a number of improvements to the performance and usability of OrgVue and are also proud to introduce three new features:

1. Model new organization scenarios by creating, deleting, restoring, editing and reverting edits to records

2. Paint with Data: make mass edits to your data with a simple drag and drop

3. Feedback Portal: send us feedback on what could make OrgVue better via a dedicated feedback portal.


Creating, deleting, restoring, editing and reverting Nodes

Create Nodes

To create a node right click on a node or on the canvas and select "Create Node" from the menu.

Create Node by right clicking:


Or by selecting the create icon on the right hand panel:


On clicking "Create Node" the node creation window will appear. This will always ask you to provide a value for the label, the Node's ID (OrgVue will automatically suggest one) and for any other property selected as required.

The Node creation window will also allow you to choose if you want to make the new Node:

  • a child of the selected Node
  • a sibling after the selected Node
  • a sibling before the selected Node
  • an orphan


Delete Nodes

There are three ways to delete Nodes in OrgVue 3

1. Select a Node or group of Nodes and right click on the canvas and select "Delete Node":


2. Select the Nodes you wish to delete and open the data tab in the right hand panel and select the bin icon:


3. Select the Nodes you wish to delete and drag them to the "deleted Nodes" area on the Footer:


Restore Nodes

Once Nodes are deleted you can restore them by selecting "view all deleted Nodes" from the footer.

Note that Nodes cannot be restored after a Dataset is saved.


A window will then appear where you can select which Nodes you would like to restore:

mceclip7.pngReverting Nodes

If you have edited data relating to a node or Nodes you can revert that change in three different ways

1. Select the revert icon on the changed Property in the data tab on the right hand side panel:



2. Select the revert icon from the bottom of the Data tab in the right hand panel:


3. Select the changed Nodes from the Footer

Painting with Data

Data is rarely clean and this is especially true of Organizational data. We believe that poor quality data should not be a barrier to planning and making decisions. OrgVue now gives you the power to make mass changes to your data on the fly.

Edit or clean data by dragging Nodes from one bucket to another in the Filter Control, the Color Legend and the Data Tab.

Filter Control


Color Legend


Data Tab


Feedback Portal 

You can access the feedback portal from the hamburger menu on the top left of the screen:



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