Ordering in Dashboards: Edit Property Expression

You can set the ordering within a property which is particularly useful if you want to change the sort order in Dashboards, for example the columns on a Box grid where the ordering is alphabetical by default. 

To do this, open up the Edit Property dialogue on the property that you would like to reorder. In this example we are using Department. First, select 'Expression' and then in the box underneath, type out the sequence that you want the Departments to appear in. Each Department name needs to have double quote marks around it, every individual entry needs to be separated by a comma and the entire expression needs to be contained within square brackets : -


The ordering will then be defined specifically in the sequence that you have chosen.

So if you wanted the ordering of your Departments to be: Project Mgmt, Engagement, HR, Finance, Sales, you would write:

["Project Mgmt","Engagement","HR","Finance","Sales"]


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