Chrome version 76 - Flash disabled


Google are changing the default Flash setting within the Chrome browser at the end of July 2019 so that by default Flash will not be enabled. (Flash is required to operate OrgVue.)

Note that to accommodate this change users will need to be able to access their Google ‘Settings’ page (chrome://settings/). Not all organisations allow users to access this page. If your organisation’s default setting is to not allow access, then your IT department will either need to reverse this policy for OrgVue users or configure Chrome centrally to allow access to Flash from the domain.

This is the link Chrome have published which details the change -

When this setting is changed and a user tries to access OrgVue they will see this message (as they do now) : -


 However, clicking ‘here’ will result in this notification appearing at the right hand end of the URL field : -


To overcome this, users should : -

 1  Click on the "Plug-in blocked" notification which will open this dialogue : -


2  Click on ‘Manage’ to reveal the Flash settings page in Chrome and click the slider button to change the default setting from “Block sites from running Flash” to “Ask first” : -




 3  Go back to the page where you tried to open OrgVue and click ‘here’ againmceclip0.png

which will now pop up this dialogue : -


4  Click ‘Allow’ and OrgVue will now run in Chrome.

5  Note that when re-opening Chrome you may see this message : -


6  If you do, do not click the ‘Turn off’ button. If you do, you will have to run through this entire sequence again.

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