Generated Properties

OrgVue generates meta-data properties automatically. These properties describe the node itself, and are present as options in a dataset regardless of what other data it contains. These are referred to as Generated Properties.

Generated meta-data properties are listed in italics at the end of the Properties list in the side panel and in the filter control.


To use these generated properties in an expression the syntax is this : -


Further examples of the use of generated properties in expressions are available in the Gizmo Cookbook.

Change  Type of change that has been made to the node since the last save. These can be: None, Updated and New, but worth noting that in a trunk the values of the Change property only persist until save.
Change Count Number of changes that have been made
Depth Level of node within the hierarchy (Root = depth 1)
Descendants All the ancestors of a node
Is Duplicate True = the node is a duplicate, False = the node is unique
Is Leaf True = the node is a leaf, False = the node has children
Is Orphan True = the node has no parent/children, False = the node exists in a hierarchy
Levels 1-9 The name of a node's ancestor at a certain depth. The Level 1 value of all nodes in a hierarchy is the name of the root. This allows paging by directorate. It will return the value of the property which is set as the 'Label' for the dataset.
Outgoing Count  The number of children of a node
Parking Lot The name of any parking lot to which the node belongs.
Records A special property used in chart building whereby every node has a value of 1, which allows you to perform calculations such as:
Span of Control  Total count of children subject to active filters and pagination.  However, when a node has no children in the active filter and pagination, the span of control for that node is blank rather than 0.
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