Font Awesome icons on PowerPoint exports

OrgVue uses numerous icons from Font Awesome in a number of dashboards. While these will be displayed perfectly within OrgVue and on any pdf snapshots, issues may be encountered when exporting a snapshot to PowerPoint.

In this example, the male and female icons display correctly within OrgVue, but not in PowerPoint:

Whilst OrgVue will embed the correct font into the PowerPoint document, most enterprise installations of PowerPoint will block these embedded fonts from installing onto a local machine - even temporarily - for security reasons, with the below error message being reported:

A workaround for this is to install Font Awesome on the required local machine. To do this, visit - please note that version 5 will not work.

Download the zip folder from the website and extract fontawesome-webfont.ttf from the zip folder. This will normally require Admin access to the PC in order to complete the install.

Once installed, any PowerPoint documents that use Font Awesome icons will display correctly on your local PC, however it should be noted that if you forward the PowerPoint onto a recipient who does not have the font installed on their machine, they will encounter the same issue.


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