How to create a Team Summary

OrgVue is widely known for handling organisational hierarchies natively. It automatically calculates Span of Control for each manager and it displays it in an Org Chart along with other important data from each employee.


Although this chart shows how many people report to each of the managers under the CEO, we still would like to see more information about them on the same card.

In order to achieve this we can create a new property named 'Team Summary' in which we will summarise how many people from each role are reporting to each manager.



1. Add a new property and name it Team Summary. In the Type Section choose Text and make sure you toggle on the Multiline box

2. In the expressions box enter the following expression:'Role').format("{values.count} {key}").join('\n')

Note: this expression assumes that the property that contains the job title is named Role. In your case this property might have a different name, in which case you would need to replace 'Role' with the property name you are using.

3. In the Tree View select Compact as type of card and choose to display Team Summary



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