Connecting a target dataset to a survey dataset

When running a survey that has a target dataset defined, the link between the recipient node in the survey dataset and the result node in the target dataset is obscured to allow the results to be treated as anonymous.

It is, however, possible to establish a link between the two nodes.

This process works because the recipient node has a built-in property called targetItemID.

targetItemID is the internal id (accessed using the special gizmo statement node._id) of the corresponding result node.

The steps to take are:

• In your survey dataset, select and copy out the two properties: Email and TargetItemID:


• Paste this data into Excel and change the header of the _TargetItemID column to mergeField:


• In the target dataset, create a new property, also called mergeField, with a ‘Fixed value’ default set to the gizmo expression node._id:



• Now copy the data from Excel (with the modified column header) and paste-merge into your target dataset against the mergeField (you may see some warnings if there are people who haven’t yet begun the survey – these can be ignored):


• You should now have the email addresses present alongside the results:

If this is all you need, you can stop here.

• You can take this a step further by creating a lookup that links the Email property in your target dataset to the Email property in your survey dataset.

First add the lookup tag to the survey dataset:


• Now reopen your target dataset, and edit the Email property to have a lookup to the survey dataset:


• Once you have selected ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’, you will be able to view all of the other properties from the survey dataset, including Status:


You can also filter on those properties:

And include them in charts:

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