List of colour names compatible with OrgVue

When working with colour control, you have the options to create custom colour palettes as well as colouring with lookup datasets.

To do this, you can set colour names in OrgVue using plain English e.g. blue; single letter abbreviation e.g. b; or hexadecimal format e.g. #4169E1

To convert colour codes from RGB into HEX you can use a website translator e.g.

Alternatively, you can use this list of colours, which are all compatible for use in OrgVue:

{name: "A", color: 0xFDAC42}
{name: "Antique White", color: 0xFAEBD7}
{name: "Antiquewhite1", color: 0xFFEFDB}
{name: "Antiquewhite2", color: 0xEEDFCC}
{name: "Antiquewhite3", color: 0xCDC0B0}
{name: "Antiquewhite4", color: 0x8B8378}
{name: "Aquamarine", color: 0x7FFFD4}
{name: "Aquamarine1", color: 0x7FFFD4}
{name: "Aquamarine2", color: 0x76EEC6}
{name: "Aquamarine3", color: 0x66CDAA}
{name: "Aquamarine4", color: 0x458B74}
{name: "Azure", color: 0xF0FFFF}
{name: "Azure1", color: 0xF0FFFF}
{name: "Azure2", color: 0xE0EEEE}
{name: "Azure3", color: 0xC1CDCD}
{name: "Azure4", color: 0x838B8B}
{name: "BG", color: 0xF5F5DC}
{name: "Beige", color: 0xF5F5DC}
{name: "Bisque", color: 0xFFE4C4}
{name: "Bisque1", color: 0xFFE4C4},
{name: "Bisque2", color: 0xEED5B7}
{name: "Bisque3", color: 0xCDB79E}
{name: "Bisque4", color: 0x8B7D6B}
{name: "K", color: 0x000000}
{name: "BK", color: 0x000000}
{name: "Black", color: 0x000000}
{name: "B", color: 0x0000FF}
{name: "BL", color: 0x0000FF}
{name: "Blue", color: 0x0000FF}
{name: "Blue1", color: 0x0000FF}
{name: "Blue2", color: 0x0000EE}
{name: "Blue3", color: 0x0000CD}
{name: "Blue4", color: 0x00008B}
{name: "BZ", color: 0xCD7F32}
{name: "Bronze", color: 0xCD7F32}
{name: "BN", color: 0xA52A2A}
{name: "Brown", color: 0xA52A2A}
{name: "Brown1", color: 0xFF4040}
{name: "Brown2", color: 0xEE3B3B}
{name: "Brown3", color: 0xCD3333}
{name: "Brown4", color: 0x8B2323}
{name: "Burlywood", color: 0xDEB887}
{name: "Burlywood1", color: 0xFFD39B}
{name: "Burlywood2", color: 0xEEC591}
{name: "Burlywood3", color: 0xCDAA7D}
{name: "Burlywood4", color: 0x8B7355}
{name: "Cadet Blue", color: 0x5F9EA0}
{name: "Cadetblue1", color: 0x98F5FF}
{name: "Cadetblue2", color: 0x8EE5EE}
{name: "Cadetblue3", color: 0x7AC5CD}
{name: "Cadetblue4", color: 0x53868B}
{name: "CH", color: 0x36454F}
{name: "Charcoal", color: 0x36454F}
{name: "Chartreuse", color: 0x7FFF00}
{name: "Chartreuse1", color: 0x7FFF00}
{name: "Chartreuse2", color: 0x76EE00}
{name: "Chartreuse3", color: 0x66CD00}
{name: "Chartreuse4", color: 0x458B00}
{name: "Chocolate", color: 0xD2691E}
{name: "Chocolate1", color: 0xFF7F24}
{name: "Chocolate2", color: 0xEE7621}
{name: "Chocolate3", color: 0xCD661D}
{name: "Chocolate4", color: 0x8B4513}
{name: "Coral", color: 0xFF7F50}
{name: "Coral1", color: 0xFF7256}
{name: "Coral2", color: 0xEE6A50}
{name: "Coral3", color: 0xCD5B45}
{name: "Coral4", color: 0x8B3E2F}
{name: "Cornsilk", color: 0xFFF8DC}
{name: "Cornsilk1", color: 0xFFF8DC}
{name: "Cornsilk2", color: 0xEEE8CD}
{name: "Cornsilk3", color: 0xCDC8B1}
{name: "Cornsilk4", color: 0x8B8878}
{name: "Cyan", color: 0x00FFFF}
{name: "Cyan1", color: 0x00FFFF}
{name: "Cyan2", color: 0x00EEEE}
{name: "Cyan3", color: 0x00CDCD}
{name: "Cyan4", color: 0x008B8B}
{name: "Dark Goldenrod", color: 0xB8860B}
{name: "Darkgoldenrod1", color: 0xFFB90F}
{name: "Darkgoldenrod2", color: 0xEEAD0E}
{name: "Darkgoldenrod3", color: 0xCD950C}
{name: "Darkgoldenrod4", color: 0x8B6508}
{name: "D", color: 0xA9A9A9}
{name: "DK", color: 0xA9A9A9}
{name: "Dark", color: 0x444444}
{name: "Dark Olive Green", color: 0x556B2F}
{name: "Darkolivegreen1", color: 0xCAFF70}
{name: "Darkolivegreen2", color: 0xBCEE68}
{name: "Darkolivegreen3", color: 0xA2CD5A}
{name: "Darkolivegreen4", color: 0x6E8B3D}
{name: "Dark Orange", color: 0xFF8C00}
{name: "Darkorange1", color: 0xFF7F00}
{name: "Darkorange2", color: 0xEE7600}
{name: "Darkorange3", color: 0xCD6600}
{name: "Darkorange4", color: 0x8B4500}
{name: "Dark Orchid", color: 0x9932CC}
{name: "Darkorchid1", color: 0xBF3EFF}
{name: "Darkorchid2", color: 0xB23AEE}
{name: "Darkorchid3", color: 0x9A32CD}
{name: "Darkorchid4", color: 0x68228B}
{name: "Dark Sea Green", color: 0x8FBC8F}
{name: "Darkseagreen1", color: 0xC1FFC1}
{name: "Darkseagreen2", color: 0xB4EEB4}
{name: "Darkseagreen3", color: 0x9BCD9B}
{name: "Darkseagreen4", color: 0x698B69}
{name: "Dark Slate Gray", color: 0x2F4F4F}
{name: "Darkslategray1", color: 0x97FFFF}
{name: "Darkslategray2", color: 0x8DEEEE}
{name: "Darkslategray3", color: 0x79CDCD}
{name: "Darkslategray4", color: 0x528B8B}
{name: "Deep Pink", color: 0xFF1493}
{name: "Deeppink1", color: 0xFF1493}
{name: "Deeppink2", color: 0xEE1289}
{name: "Deeppink3", color: 0xCD1076}
{name: "Deeppink4", color: 0x8B0A50}
{name: "Deep Sky Blue", color: 0x00BFFF}
{name: "Deepskyblue1", color: 0x00BFFF}
{name: "Deepskyblue2", color: 0x00B2EE}
{name: "Deepskyblue3", color: 0x009ACD}
{name: "Deepskyblue4", color: 0x00688B}
{name: "Dodger Blue", color: 0x1E90FF}
{name: "Dodgerblue1", color: 0x1E90FF}
{name: "Dodgerblue2", color: 0x1C86EE}
{name: "Dodgerblue3", color: 0x1874CD}
{name: "Dodgerblue4", color: 0x104E8B}
{name: "F", color: 0x91CAD1}
{name: "Female", color: 0x91CAD1}
{name: "Firebrick", color: 0xB22222}
{name: "Firebrick1", color: 0xFF3030}
{name: "Firebrick2", color: 0xEE2C2C}
{name: "Firebrick3", color: 0xCD2626}
{name: "Firebrick4", color: 0x8B1A1A}
{name: "GD", color: 0xFFD700}
{name: "Gold", color: 0xFFD700}
{name: "Gold1", color: 0xFFD700}
{name: "Gold2", color: 0xEEC900}
{name: "Gold3", color: 0xCDAD00}
{name: "Gold4", color: 0x8B7500}
{name: "Goldenrod", color: 0xDAA520}
{name: "Goldenrod1", color: 0xFFC125}
{name: "Goldenrod2", color: 0xEEB422}
{name: "Goldenrod3", color: 0xCD9B1D}
{name: "Goldenrod4", color: 0x8B6914}
{name: "GT", color: 0x4A5355}
{name: "Granite", color: 0x4A5355}
{name: "GY", color: 0x808080}
{name: "Gray", color: 0x808080}
{name: "G", color: 0xA0BD76}
{name: "GN", color: 0x00FF00}
{name: "Green", color: 0x00FF00}
{name: "Green1", color: 0x00FF00}
{name: "Green2", color: 0x00EE00}
{name: "Green3", color: 0x00CD00}
{name: "Green4", color: 0x008B00}
{name: "Honeydew", color: 0xF0FFF0}
{name: "Honeydew1", color: 0xF0FFF0}
{name: "Honeydew2", color: 0xE0EEE0}
{name: "Honeydew3", color: 0xC1CDC1}
{name: "Honeydew4", color: 0x838B83}
{name: "Hot Pink", color: 0xFF69B4}
{name: "Hotpink1", color: 0xFF6EB4}
{name: "Hotpink2", color: 0xEE6AA7}
{name: "Hotpink3", color: 0xCD6090}
{name: "Hotpink4", color: 0x8B3A62}
{name: "Indian Red", color: 0xCD5C5C}
{name: "Indianred1", color: 0xFF6A6A}
{name: "Indianred2", color: 0xEE6363}
{name: "Indianred3", color: 0xCD5555}
{name: "Indianred4", color: 0x8B3A3A}
{name: "I", color: 0x4B0082}
{name: "IN", color: 0x4B0082}
{name: "Indigo", color: 0x4B0082}
{name: "IV", color: 0xFFFFF0}
{name: "Ivory", color: 0xFFFFF0}
{name: "Ivory1", color: 0xFFFFF0}
{name: "Ivory2", color: 0xEEEEE0}
{name: "Ivory3", color: 0xCDCDC1}
{name: "Ivory4", color: 0x8B8B83}
{name: "Khaki", color: 0xF0E68C}
{name: "Khaki1", color: 0xFFF68F}
{name: "Khaki2", color: 0xEEE685}
{name: "Khaki3", color: 0xCDC673}
{name: "Khaki4", color: 0x8B864E}
{name: "Lavender Blush", color: 0xFFF0F5}
{name: "Lavenderblush1", color: 0xFFF0F5}
{name: "Lavenderblush2", color: 0xEEE0E5}
{name: "Lavenderblush3", color: 0xCDC1C5}
{name: "Lavenderblush4", color: 0x8B8386}
{name: "Lemon Chiffon", color: 0xFFFACD}
{name: "Lemonchiffon1", color: 0xFFFACD}
{name: "Lemonchiffon2", color: 0xEEE9BF}
{name: "Lemonchiffon3", color: 0xCDC9A5}
{name: "Lemonchiffon4", color: 0x8B8970}
{name: "LT", color: 0xD3D3D3}
{name: "Light", color: 0xEEEEEE}
{name: "Light Blue", color: 0xADD8E6}
{name: "Lightblue1", color: 0xBFEFFF}
{name: "Lightblue2", color: 0xB2DFEE}
{name: "Lightblue3", color: 0x9AC0CD}
{name: "Lightblue4", color: 0x68838B}
{name: "Light Cyan", color: 0xE0FFFF}
{name: "Lightcyan1", color: 0xE0FFFF}
{name: "Lightcyan2", color: 0xD1EEEE}
{name: "Lightcyan3", color: 0xB4CDCD}
{name: "Lightcyan4", color: 0x7A8B8B}
{name: "Light Goldenrod", color: 0xEEDD82}
{name: "Lightgoldenrod1", color: 0xFFEC8B}
{name: "Lightgoldenrod2", color: 0xEEDC82}
{name: "Lightgoldenrod3", color: 0xCDBE70}
{name: "Lightgoldenrod4", color: 0x8B814C}
{name: "Light Pink", color: 0xFFB6C1}
{name: "Lightpink1", color: 0xFFAEB9}
{name: "Lightpink2", color: 0xEEA2AD}
{name: "Lightpink3", color: 0xCD8C95}
{name: "Lightpink4", color: 0x8B5F65}
{name: "Light Salmon", color: 0xFFA07A}
{name: "Lightsalmon1", color: 0xFFA07A}
{name: "Lightsalmon2", color: 0xEE9572}
{name: "Lightsalmon3", color: 0xCD8162}
{name: "Lightsalmon4", color: 0x8B5742}
{name: "Light Sky Blue", color: 0x87CEFA}
{name: "Lightskyblue1", color: 0xB0E2FF}
{name: "Lightskyblue2", color: 0xA4D3EE}
{name: "Lightskyblue3", color: 0x8DB6CD}
{name: "Lightskyblue4", color: 0x607B8B}
{name: "Light Steel Blue", color: 0xB0C4DE}
{name: "Lightsteelblue1", color: 0xCAE1FF}
{name: "Lightsteelblue2", color: 0xBCD2EE}
{name: "Lightsteelblue3", color: 0xA2B5CD}
{name: "Lightsteelblue4", color: 0x6E7B8B}
{name: "Light Yellow", color: 0xFFFFE0}
{name: "Lightyellow1", color: 0xFFFFE0}
{name: "Lightyellow2", color: 0xEEEED1}
{name: "Lightyellow3", color: 0xCDCDB4}
{name: "Lightyellow4", color: 0x8B8B7A}
{name: "Magenta", color: 0xFF00FF}
{name: "Magenta1", color: 0xFF00FF}
{name: "Magenta2", color: 0xEE00EE}
{name: "Magenta3", color: 0xCD00CD}
{name: "Magenta4", color: 0x8B008B}
{name: "Maroon", color: 0xB03060}
{name: "Maroon1", color: 0xFF34B3}
{name: "Maroon2", color: 0xEE30A7}
{name: "Maroon3", color: 0xCD2990}
{name: "Maroon4", color: 0x8B1C62}
{name: "Medium Orchid", color: 0xBA55D3}
{name: "Mediumorchid1", color: 0xE066FF}
{name: "Mediumorchid2", color: 0xD15FEE}
{name: "Mediumorchid3", color: 0xB452CD}
{name: "Mediumorchid4", color: 0x7A378B}
{name: "Medium Purple", color: 0x9370DB}
{name: "Mediumpurple1", color: 0xAB82FF}
{name: "Mediumpurple2", color: 0x9F79EE}
{name: "Mediumpurple3", color: 0x8968CD}
{name: "Mediumpurple4", color: 0x5D478B}
{name: "Mid", color: 0xAAAAAA}
{name: "Mid-dark", color: 0x888888}
{name: "Misty Rose", color: 0xFFE4E1}
{name: "Mistyrose1", color: 0xFFE4E1}
{name: "Mistyrose2", color: 0xEED5D2}
{name: "Mistyrose3", color: 0xCDB7B5}
{name: "Mistyrose4", color: 0x8B7D7B}
{name: "Navajo White", color: 0xFFDEAD}
{name: "Navajowhite1", color: 0xFFDEAD}
{name: "Navajowhite2", color: 0xEECFA1}
{name: "Navajowhite3", color: 0xCDB38B}
{name: "Navajowhite4", color: 0x8B795E}
{name: "OL", color: 0x808000}
{name: "Olive", color: 0x808000}
{name: "Olive Drab", color: 0x6B8E23}
{name: "Olivedrab1", color: 0xC0FF3E}
{name: "Olivedrab2", color: 0xB3EE3A}
{name: "Olivedrab3", color: 0x9ACD32}
{name: "Olivedrab4", color: 0x698B22}
{name: "AM", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "Amber", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "O", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "OR", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "Orange", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "Orange1", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "Orange2", color: 0xEE9A00}
{name: "Orange3", color: 0xCD8500}
{name: "Orange4", color: 0x8B5A00}
{name: "Orange Red", color: 0xFF4500}
{name: "Orangered1", color: 0xFF4500}
{name: "Orangered2", color: 0xEE4000}
{name: "Orangered3", color: 0xCD3700}
{name: "Orangered4", color: 0x8B2500}
{name: "Orchid", color: 0xDA70D6}
{name: "Orchid1", color: 0xFF83FA}
{name: "Orchid2", color: 0xEE7AE9}
{name: "Orchid3", color: 0xCD69C9}
{name: "Orchid4", color: 0x8B4789}
{name: "Pale Green", color: 0x98FB98}
{name: "Palegreen1", color: 0x9AFF9A}
{name: "Palegreen2", color: 0x90EE90}
{name: "Palegreen3", color: 0x7CCD7C}
{name: "Palegreen4", color: 0x548B54}
{name: "Pale Turquoise", color: 0xAFEEEE}
{name: "Paleturquoise1", color: 0xBBFFFF}
{name: "Paleturquoise2", color: 0xAEEEEE}
{name: "Paleturquoise3", color: 0x96CDCD}
{name: "Paleturquoise4", color: 0x668B8B}
{name: "Pale Violet Red", color: 0xDB7093}
{name: "Palevioletred1", color: 0xFF82AB}
{name: "Palevioletred2", color: 0xEE799F}
{name: "Palevioletred3", color: 0xCD6889}
{name: "Palevioletred4", color: 0x8B475D}
{name: "Peach Puff", color: 0xFFDAB9}
{name: "Peachpuff1", color: 0xFFDAB9}
{name: "Peachpuff2", color: 0xEECBAD}
{name: "Peachpuff3", color: 0xCDAF95}
{name: "Peachpuff4", color: 0x8B7765}
{name: "PK", color: 0xFFC0CB}
{name: "Pink", color: 0xFFC0CB}
{name: "Pink1", color: 0xFFB5C5}
{name: "Pink2", color: 0xEEA9B8}
{name: "Pink3", color: 0xCD919E}
{name: "Pink4", color: 0x8B636C}
{name: "Plum", color: 0xDDA0DD}
{name: "Plum1", color: 0xFFBBFF}
{name: "Plum2", color: 0xEEAEEE}
{name: "Plum3", color: 0xCD96CD}
{name: "Plum4", color: 0x8B668B}
{name: "Purple", color: 0xA020F0}
{name: "Purple1", color: 0x9B30FF}
{name: "Purple2", color: 0x912CEE}
{name: "Purple3", color: 0x7D26CD}
{name: "Purple4", color: 0x551A8B}
{name: "R", color: 0xD65B5B}
{name: "RD", color: 0xFF0000}
{name: "Red", color: 0xFF0000}
{name: "Red1", color: 0xFF0000}
{name: "Red2", color: 0xEE0000}
{name: "Red3", color: 0xCD0000}
{name: "Red4", color: 0x8B0000}
{name: "Rosy Brown", color: 0xBC8F8F}
{name: "Rosybrown1", color: 0xFFC1C1}
{name: "Rosybrown2", color: 0xEEB4B4}
{name: "Rosybrown3", color: 0xCD9B9B}
{name: "Rosybrown4", color: 0x8B6969}
{name: "Royal Blue", color: 0x4169E1}
{name: "Royalblue1", color: 0x4876FF}
{name: "Royalblue2", color: 0x436EEE}
{name: "Royalblue3", color: 0x3A5FCD}
{name: "Royalblue4", color: 0x27408B}
{name: "Salmon", color: 0xFA8072}
{name: "Salmon1", color: 0xFF8C69}
{name: "Salmon2", color: 0xEE8262}
{name: "Salmon3", color: 0xCD7054}
{name: "Salmon4", color: 0x8B4C39}
{name: "Sea Green", color: 0x2E8B57}
{name: "Seagreen1", color: 0x54FF9F}
{name: "Seagreen2", color: 0x4EEE94}
{name: "Seagreen3", color: 0x43CD80}
{name: "Seagreen4", color: 0x2E8B57}
{name: "Seashell", color: 0xFFF5EE}
{name: "Seashell1", color: 0xFFF5EE}
{name: "Seashell2", color: 0xEEE5DE}
{name: "Seashell3", color: 0xCDC5BF}
{name: "Seashell4", color: 0x8B8682}
{name: "Sienna", color: 0xA0522D}
{name: "Sienna1", color: 0xFF8247}
{name: "Sienna2", color: 0xEE7942}
{name: "Sienna3", color: 0xCD6839}
{name: "Sienna4", color: 0x8B4726}
{name: "Sky Blue", color: 0x87CEEB}
{name: "Skyblue1", color: 0x87CEFF}
{name: "Skyblue2", color: 0x7EC0EE}
{name: "Skyblue3", color: 0x6CA6CD}
{name: "Skyblue4", color: 0x4A708B}
{name: "Slate Blue", color: 0x6A5ACD}
{name: "Slateblue1", color: 0x836FFF}
{name: "Slateblue2", color: 0x7A67EE}
{name: "Slateblue3", color: 0x6959CD}
{name: "Slateblue4", color: 0x473C8B}
{name: "Slate Gray", color: 0x708090}
{name: "Slategray1", color: 0xC6E2FF}
{name: "Slategray2", color: 0xB9D3EE}
{name: "Slategray3", color: 0x9FB6CD}
{name: "Slategray4", color: 0x6C7B8B}
{name: "SM", color: 0xF5F5F5}
{name: "Smoke", color: 0xF5F5F5}
{name: "Snow", color: 0xFFFAFA}
{name: "Snow1", color: 0xFFFAFA}
{name: "Snow2", color: 0xEEE9E9}
{name: "Snow3", color: 0xCDC9C9}
{name: "Snow4", color: 0x8B8989}
{name: "Spring Green", color: 0x00FF7F}
{name: "Springgreen1", color: 0x00FF7F}
{name: "Springgreen2", color: 0x00EE76}
{name: "Springgreen3", color: 0x00CD66}
{name: "Springgreen4", color: 0x008B45}
{name: "Steel Blue", color: 0x4682B4}
{name: "Steelblue1", color: 0x63B8FF}
{name: "Steelblue2", color: 0x5CACEE}
{name: "Steelblue3", color: 0x4F94CD}
{name: "Steelblue4", color: 0x36648B}
{name: "TN", color: 0xD2B48C}
{name: "Tan", color: 0xD2B48C}
{name: "Tan1", color: 0xFFA54F}
{name: "Tan2", color: 0xEE9A49}
{name: "Tan3", color: 0xCD853F}
{name: "Tan4", color: 0x8B5A2B}
{name: "Thistle", color: 0xD8BFD8}
{name: "Thistle1", color: 0xFFE1FF}
{name: "Thistle2", color: 0xEED2EE}
{name: "Thistle3", color: 0xCDB5CD}
{name: "Thistle4", color: 0x8B7B8B}
{name: "Tomato", color: 0xFF6347}
{name: "Tomato1", color: 0xFF6347}
{name: "Tomato2", color: 0xEE5C42}
{name: "Tomato3", color: 0xCD4F39}
{name: "Tomato4", color: 0x8B3626}
{name: "Turquoise", color: 0x40E0D0}
{name: "Turquoise1", color: 0x00F5FF}
{name: "Turquoise2", color: 0x00E5EE}
{name: "Turquoise3", color: 0x00C5CD}
{name: "Turquoise4", color: 0x00868B}
{name: "V", color: 0xEE82EE}
{name: "VT", color: 0xEE82EE}
{name: "Violet", color: 0xEE82EE}
{name: "Violet Red", color: 0xD02090}
{name: "Violetred1", color: 0xFF3E96}
{name: "Violetred2", color: 0xEE3A8C}
{name: "Violetred3", color: 0xCD3278}
{name: "Violetred4", color: 0x8B2252}
{name: "Wheat", color: 0xF5DEB3}
{name: "Wheat1", color: 0xFFE7BA}
{name: "Wheat2", color: 0xEED8AE}
{name: "Wheat3", color: 0xCDBA96}
{name: "Wheat4", color: 0x8B7E66}
{name: "W", color: 0xFFFFFF}
{name: "WT", color: 0xFFFFFF}
{name: "White", color: 0xFFFFFF}
{name: "Y", color: 0xFFFF00}
{name: "YL", color: 0xFFFF00}
{name: "Yellow", color: 0xFFFF00}
{name: "Yellow1", color: 0xFFFF00}
{name: "Yellow2", color: 0xEEEE00}
{name: "Yellow3", color: 0xCDCD00}
{name: "Yellow4", color: 0x8B8B00}
{name: "XXXS", color: 0xFFFFFF}
{name: "XXS", color: 0xB6FFCE}
{name: "XS", color: 0x6DFF6D}
{name: "S", color: 0x00FF00}
{name: "M", color: 0x638FC3}
{name: "Male", color: 0x638FC3}
{name: "L", color: 0xFF0000}
{name: "XL", color: 0xDB0000}
{name: "XXL", color: 0x920000}
{name: "XXXL", color: 0x000000}
{name: "Critically Low", color: 0xB6FFCE}
{name: "Very Low", color: 0x6DFF6D}
{name: "Low", color: 0x00FF00}
{name: "Medium", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "High", color: 0xFF0000}
{name: "Very High", color: 0xDB0000}
{name: "Critically High", color: 0x920000}
{name: "V Lo", color: 0x6DFF6D}
{name: "Lo", color: 0x00FF00}
{name: "Med", color: 0xFFA500}
{name: "Hi", color: 0xFF0000}
{name: "V Hi", color: 0xDB0000}



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