How to format data when pasting links into OrgVue - Excel 2016

The way OrgVue stores links data requires an unpivoted table – think of this as a table where all data of the same type is in one column.

However when we want to link two sets of data, often the format is one type of data in the top row and one in the left column with links populating the grid.

Slightly confusingly, while OrgVue stores links data as an unpivoted table, it displays it as a grid.

Below left is a simple example of data collected on the percentage of time which employees spend on processes (all employees have allocated 100% of their time) and below right is how that same data needs to be formatted in order for it to be pasted into OrgVue.

The required transformation of the data is most easily achieved in Excel. The method below details how to do this in Excel 2016. For Excel 2010 and 2013 see this article.


1.   Within the Excel worksheet select the rows and columns containing the data you wish to paste into OrgVue. In the Insert ribbon click on the Table icon and choose to create the table. Confirm that your table has headers and press ‘OK’.

The resulting table looks like this:


2.    Go to the Data ribbon, ensure the cursor is within the bounds of your newly defined table  and click ‘From Table’ .

The following window will appear: 

3.    In the Transform ribbon select just the columns you want to unpivot by holding down ‘Shift’ and clicking the first and last headers for the columns which contain the data and then click 'Unpivot Columns'. DO NOT select the first column.

4.    That action will transform the data to this : -

5.    From the ‘Home’ ribbon now select ‘Close & Load’ and your unpivoted table will be loaded in a new Excel worksheet.

6.    The last step is to rename the headings to ‘from_id’ for the people, ‘to_id’ for processes and ‘value’ for the links. (Note that the column heading values are case sensitive.)


The data is now in format which will enable it to be pasted into the links page in OrgVue.

Note: if you are not sure which way round the column headers go there is a simple rule: links go FROM tabs at the top of the list on the OrgVue homepage TO tabs at the bottom.

This article was authored by Miranda Copps from the OrgVue Consulting team


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