Announcing OrgVue version 2.26

May 2nd 2018

We're delighted to report that OrgVue version 2.26 has been released into all AWS environments : -

For the moment it can be reached by replacing 2.24 with 2.26 on the end of the URL through which you access your OrgVue tenants. Over the last year, the team has developed 2.26 in iteration through client feedback.

The main theme of this release has been performance enhancements which have led to
much quicker loading of data, views and charts. The overall memory usage has also been
greatly reduced leading to better performance. Performance gains will be dependent on the
dataset, but typically, users may experience a two-fold increase in performance, with some
extreme cases of ten-fold increases.

In addition to performance and usability enhancements, this release includes a new Word
Cloud dashboard, with the words able to be sized by any chosen measure, and a Chart
Matrix by Measures dashboard. The ability to search for properties has been added to many
panels and dialogue boxes to help you to find properties more easily.

Your existing datasets will work with 2.26 and we will keep the 2.24 version available for
another four weeks (until the end of June) should any user require access to this

Click the pdf link below to download the OrgVue v2.26 Release documentation.

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