User Access to OrgVue

Accessing OrgVue as a User

To gain access to your company's instance of OrgVue you must first contact your company's OrgVue Tenant Admin. This person will create a user account for you. (Details on how they do that are here).

  • When your user account has been created you will receive the email shown below from (If you don't, check your Junk folder. If it's not there, contact OrgVue support at or +44 (0) 203 355 8008).

The name of the tenant to which you have been given access is shown in bold after "You now have an account with", in the example above the Tenant Name is OrgVue.

The environment in which this tenant exists is the first section of the URL under the 'Please activate your account' button.

Note that the link in this Activation email is time-limited for security purposes. The link is only active for one hour. (If you do not activate your account within the one hour time limit then follow the instructions for resetting your password below.)

  • Click on the 'Please activate your account' button and you will be directed to a browser window to setup a password for your new OrgVue account.

  • Enter your password and confirm it as indicated, click the 'Activate' button and you will be directed to a further window : -

  • Click on the OrgVue button and you will be taken to the OrgVue environment sign on page.


  • Enter your email address in the 'Login' box and your password and click the 'Login' button.


  • NOTE: If you get added to additional tenants in the same OrgVue environment, you will receive an 'Access your account' email.



  • Simply click on the 'Access your account' button. This will direct you to the sign on page and when you have signed on you will see all the tenants listed to which you have access : -


  • Note that if you have access to multiple tenants, typing the first letters of the required tenant in the Search box will filter the tenant listing visible

Resetting User Passwords


  • To reset a user password, first click the Forgot Password link on the OrgVue login pop-up dialogue, shown when accessing the standard OrgVue URL.  The Forgot Password link initiates a workflow to set a new password, provided the named user account exists.


Locked OrgVue Accounts

  • Multiple password failures in sequence will cause the account to be locked, and a corresponding message will be shown on the login screen. To avoid this, if your login is unsuccessful twice in sequence, you should request a password reset.
  • Once locked, it is not possible for the Tenant Admin to override the lock, but the account will unlock automatically after 1 hour.
  • A user can always unlock their own account instantly however by running the Forgot Password request as above: they do not need to wait for the timeout.


Failed to Authenticate

If, after trying to sign on, you see a 'Failed to authenticate' message : -

  • Make sure you have entered your email address and password correctly
  • Make sure that you are trying to access the correct OrgVue environment, either see here for details of all OrgVue environments or by referring to the invitation email you had from
  • If you are still unable to access OrgVue then please contact OrgVue support at 


OrgVue User Unable to see all Tenants

  • When you login to OrgVue you will see a list of tenants to which you have access.
  • If you see no list and drop direct into the tenant after login, logout of OrgVue and ensure you untick the Remember Me option from the main login page, see image above.
  • When you login again you will see the full list of tenants to which you have access.


Any Questions

  • The OrgVue Support Knowledgebase is available at the URL below to enable self-service. This has been optimised for keyword search so searching on single words works better than sentences.

Alternatively, click the Submit a Request button shown at the top of the Knowledgebase pages and complete the form to provide details of your query.


  • Otherwise contact:



call:         +44 (0) 203 355 8008


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