Adding display icons to Processes dashboard - 2.26

In a process mapping exercise, it is useful to indicate the attribute of each process or activity using symbols and icons. In OrgVue you can define and maintain custom icons centrally using a Lookup table and display them in multiple other datasets.

For example, you want to display icons for each node in a process dataset based on their activity type (see Activity Type property in the screenshot).

Step 1. Create a Lookup dataset with two properties, i.e. ID and Icon. Each activity type will be the ID and for each define an icon by typing in icon names*. Along with custom icons you can define custom colours by adding Color property and hex codes. You can use this lookup dataset in multiple other datasets that use the same set of definition of icons and colours.

Please note: the ‘icons()’ Expression is currently only available while you are in the Processes Dashboard. It will be available everywhere soon like other Gizmo Expressions.

*All available icon names can be looked up using ‘icons()’ expression in the Expression Panel. By typing in the keyword in the ( ), you can narrow down the search results.

Step 2. Go back to the main dataset and set lookup for Activity Type property. In this example the Lookup dataset is named Process Type.

Then in the Worksheet View, you will see icons and custom colours displayed in the Activity Type column.


Step 3. To display custom icons (and colours) in the Process dashboard, colour your data by Activity Type property using the Color Panel. The Panel will show the icon legend along with custom colours set in the Lookups. Note: When custom colours are set in the Lookup, it will overwrite the palette chosen in the Color Panel

The Process dashboard will now display the defined icons and colours.

This article was authored by El No from the OrgVue Development team



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