Custom Colour Palette - v2.26

If you had custom colour palettes working at OrgVue v2.24 there's one thing you will need to do to make these custom palettes available at v2.26.


1.  Ensure that your account has the role of 'superadmin' added to the existing role of admin. (Note: all users must have either 'user' or 'admin' in their roles in the Users dataset. The 'superadmin' role by itself does not include 'admin' rights.)

2.  Once the superadmin role has been added to your user profile, sign in to the tenant and you will see that you now have access to the Configuration tab. Click on this tab and you will see that there are a number of datasets already in there.

3.  There will be a dataset called 'Custom Colour Palettes'.

4.  Click on the dataset to select it and then click on the 'Tags' button in the toolbar.

5.  Add a new tag : -


Remove the existing scripts tag.

6.  Click OK

7.  Save and close the dataset and sign out of OrgVue. When you sign back in your custom colour palettes will be available.

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