OrgVue Environment URLs

OrgVue environments exist in a number of locations.

It is clearly important that you try accessing your OrgVue tenant in the correct location.

The URL of your tenant's environment is included in the email you will have received letting you know that you have access to OrgVue. See below, the URL is shown underneath the 'Access Your Account' link : -


In addition, once you have signed in to OrgVue the tenant name is displayed at the top right of the workspace : -

In this screen shot the tenant name is 'OrgVue Training'.


OrgVue Environment URLs : -



Server Location

EU West Staging

 Ireland (AWS)

US East Staging


OrgVue 2

UK (Claranet)

EU West

Ireland (AWS)

US East


NOTE: When you access OrgVue the system will add the current version of OrgVue to your URL like this : -

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