User Administration (for Tenant Admins)

This is an overview of the high level essentials required in tenant administration. 

Accessing OrgVue as the OrgVue Tenant Administrator

  • When your company's OrgVue tenant is first created the tenant creation team here at Concentra will set up at least one user within the client as a Tenant Administrator. This person should receive OrgVue training prior to accessing OrgVue.
  • When the Tenant Admin's user account is created they will receive an automatically generated mail from asking that they activate their OrgVue user account. That process is detailed here.
  • The Tenant Admin's role data will include 'admin'. This means that they have complete access to all data within that tenant and can also create and remove further users.

Tenant Admin - Best Practice

  • The Concentra tenant creation team typically create at least one, and ideally two Tenant Admins per tenant. Only these users have the ability to create additional users (including other Tenant Admins). Therefore we recommend that if only one Tenant Admin has been set up, that the first thing the initial Tenant Admin does is to create one extra Tenant Admin.
  • Tenant Admins are responsible for managing all access to their company's OrgVue tenant. Please consider carefully how requests from new users to access OrgVue will be handled if, for whatever reason, none of the established Tenant Admins is available.
  • When a Tenant Admin is no longer responsible for the OrgVue installation in their company they must ensure to pass the Tenant Admin role on to their replacement.

Adding/Removing Tenant Users

  • As a Tenant Administrator, you have all the rights needed to add (and remove) other users, including other Admins. This functionality is covered in detail here.

OrgVue Access Principles

  • A user account is always associated with a tenant
  • A user account is always defined by an email address
  • Every user must have either 'admin' or 'user' as a role.
  • Once a user account has been added successfully by a Tenant Admin, the user will receive an activation mail, to begin the two step activation process
  • Activation links are time-limited to one hour for security purposes. (If the user does not activate the account within the one hour time limit they should reset their password.)

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