Best practice for generating outputs for large organisation charts

The objective here is to build a PowerPoint presentation from OrgVue depicting the entire structure of a complex organisation across multiple slides, where that output is optimal in terms of clear depiction and leveraging automated functions of OrgVue.

For a brief conceptual overview of the objective, you might wish to view this article first.

It is a standard request that organisation charts generated in OrgVue are output for review by stakeholders and this article provides detail of a solution to this.  Unlike most articles in the knowledgebase, there cannot be the expectation that this solution is definitive, but should be treated as a helpful building block whose content is based on our clients' requirements.

The main OrgVue capabilities you will need to use to complete this task are the following, note that filtering, pagination and expand to level are all covered in the same article:

  • snapshot with auto-paginate
  • filtering: likely on descendants property, level1 property etc.
  • paging: likely on level1, level2, depth, department (also likely, more than one single pagination property) and other variants that might imply "function"
  • expand to level control
  • (possible) a custom property that rolls up the total level of descendants so positions cut off the chart are still indicated.

Output Structure

  • Begin each deck with an Executive Leadership section showing senior managers and their direct reports
  • Create logical sections in each deck (e.g. each Function to have its own section)
  • Begin each section with organisation chart(s) showing senior managers and their direct reports (e.g. head of a function and their direct reports)

Organisation Chart Criteria

  • Charts should be drawn to maximize the number of boxes on each slide
  • All text must be legible on each slide when printed on an A4 sheet of paper
  • Charts should be centred on each slide
  • "Boxes" (cards) should remain approximately the same size on each slide, +/- 50%
  • Slide titles to include relevant heading, e.g. Function and Country, or Location, or Business Unit
  • Colour legend should be placed in lower-right corner of each slide
  • Date of data set used to draw the organisation chart should be placed in the lower-left corner of each slide
  • Consider removing certain role types from organisation charts e.g. Non-Executive Director 

Optional Considerations

  • It is not always necessary to show organisation charts all the way up to the CEO.  This is useful for organisation charts for senior Positions, but when showing lower-level positions it may only be necessary to show up the logical head of the area
  • The very top of the organisation chart, when it does not meet the filter/expand to level criteria, will be greyed-out (ghost node): depending on how you filter to draw the org. charts, sometimes the quickest thing to do is just delete the top few boxes once the organisation chart is in PowerPoint.

Layout Settings

  • Preferred: Tree or Wide Tree
  • Optional if required to maximize number of boxes on a slide: Compact Tree, or Dense Tree

Card Display Settings

Card:  Simple
Title:  Full Name(s)
Subtitle: Position
Colour:  "Vacancy Status" or equivalent, consider setting "Filled" roles  with custom palette colour
Title size: 13
Gap:  4
Width: vary to maximize number of people per slide


Additional guidance can be found in the article How to optimise PowerPoint output from OrgVue (especially Org Charts) here


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