#2 How to clean and validate line manager data most effectively

The issue under analysis here is that of unreliable line manager information.

This is one of a series of articles on solving common data issues derived from in-house experience of Consulting projects using OrgVue.

  • The following process focuses on leveraging multiple sources of record where possible, central validation ahead of reaching out to the business, and tracking cleaning progress.
  • Which of these activities are carried out and in what order will depend on the individual client need, current data quality, and availability
  • Focus on high-impact changes, e.g. heads of orphan groups, blank vs invalid vs circular parent IDs

Extract from HRIS

  • Copy data from the HR Information Systems into OrgVue via Excel or using the auto-upload tool


  • Supplement with Line Manager information stored in separate systems (e.g. performance)

Use current information

  • Transcribe existing resources in PPT, Visio and other hard records

Check with HRBPs

  • Once a central “best effort” has been made, validate with HR Business Partners in person

Crowd source

  • Consider filling in gaps by crowd sourcing with a one question emailed survey

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This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting team






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