#1 How can I accurately capture complicated reporting lines?

The issue under analysis here is that of complex reporting lines.

This is one of a series of articles on solving common data issues derived from in-house experience of Consulting projects using OrgVue

The following schematic identifies common scenarios, the table below gives indicative solutions:


Fig. 5 common reporting line complexities Resolution
1 Matrix / dotted line reporting Use multiple parent IDs and switch between them
2 Multiple hierarchies (e.g. employee and cost centre) Tag the parent of the 2nd hierarchy with parent:secondary_id
3 Frequent changes (graduate scheme, rotation, restructuring) Link to performance data and consider setting a baseline
4 Out of directorate/location reporting Decide which entity to report on consistently and footnote it
5 “Pooled” reporting, shift working Allocate a principal manager and use comments to add detail

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This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting team


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