How do I export linked values and values from linked datasets

Given a situation where we have linked employees from a people dataset to the role dataset, it is possible to display all the properties of the linked data (people) in the roles dataset such that it is possible to see individual properties of each people node that is linked to a role node, however a more efficient way to do this may be to export them directly for further manipulation as required.

Within OrgVue, the starting point would be to navigate to the Links dataset (go to Links tab and select the appropriately named roles/processes dataset).

If you move to dataset view, you will see the list of available links e.g:

Manual Approach

It is now possible does a lookup to both ends of the link.

By typing in the expression


this gives me options for further analysis:

  • fromid
  • toid
  • id
  • value

If I enter the expression


this will provide a list of nodes associated with the "from" link i.e. Roles: if I enter the expression



this will give me properties associated with Processes, in my example:

  • description
  • icon
  • id
  • parentid
  • processtype

and I can proceed to access individual properties via e.g.


Export Approach

A faster route would be to export the links using standard mechanisms in OrgVue, which will display as follows

id to_id from_id value
95DB8804-52C8-71F5-3BC6-0CDD7E32CC18 A.1.1 8 R
95DB8804-80DA-D2C3-C49F-692E58DB0711 A.1.1 3 S
95DB8804-8894-BECA-E917-17C81F0A10F7 A.1.1 6 S
95DB8804-A837-E458-6FAA-2BBBD991C758 A.1.2 8 S
95DB8804-8CC2-2E81-33B0-F2C7980912DC A.1.3 5 S
95DB8804-FB26-F4F0-5F31-86043957AC19 A.1.2 10 R
95DB8804-B4A8-0407-E595-09776B517B1B A.1.3 8 R
95DB8804-7F79-B1D5-6681-0C3FC90DC0FC A.2.1 2 S

Although exporting the links as they initially load will only give you the columns id, to_id, from_id, value, you can select additional properties from those on the Property Pane on the right provided you are exporting from within the Links dataset

You can then export the additional properties (ensure you choose export Options ... Selected Properties), calling on the values from both source datasets as above.

The exported dataset can then be analysed further in third party tools such as Tableau or Google Fusion tables.



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