Back end bulk data handling - Blender

The OrgVue Blender utility is not generally distributed and is delivered only as part of an OrgVue Consultancy engagement. 

OrgVue Blender is a command line utility for Windows. Its purpose is to:

  • Load large amounts of data directly into OrgVue (50K+ Nodes)
  • Retrieve and manipulate data from a wide variety of sources
  • Move large quantities of data around tenants (paste merge)
  • Automate scheduled uploads using AutoSys tools into OrgVue
  • Combining multiple datasets into one consolidated dataset
  • Clone property configuration into multiple datasets
  • Push configuration changes from a UAT environment to a Production environment

Currently supported sources include:

  • CSV (Comma-separated variable) files
  • XLS/XLSX (Excel) files
  • SQLite databases
  • Online resources

Data may be transformed in a wide variety of ways including:

  • Built-in standard transformations to support clean and consistent data loads
  • User-defined transforms
  • SQL queries

For further information please download the attachment at the bottom of this article. If you would like anything further on the OrgVue Blender utility, please contact us by submitting your details here.

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