Using pivot charts for grouping FTE data mapping to office

Q. I have a problem with the sunburst presentation. I have prepared this to show the number of FTE across the EMEA region by home office cluster but it doesn’t group all the data for each respective office together. Is there a way that I can make it group for example, all the red sections together, all the green together and so on?


A. The sunburst uses the current hierarchy and applies the colours to it, therefore grouping as requested is not possible, although there are multiple other uses for sunburst e.g. in this context, to show where reporting lines go outside the home office.

I would probably use a pivot chart to show this with perhaps function on one axis and home office on the other. If you set the card max/cell to 0 and the shapes max per cell to a large number, you get some good graphics with the size of each office proportion to the number of positions: visualisation can be improved yet more  if you add another colour e.g. grade.

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