How do I create my first survey..

There are several elements which combine together to create an end-to-end survey

  • A base (target) dataset lists those properties which are to be populated by the survey
  • Within that base (target) dataset's properties, there are webform-specific elements which determine how participants interact with the survey
  • A link is made between that base (survey) dataset and the survey that lists participants via a dedicated icon in the toolbar (accessible to Admin role only)

  • The destination 'survey' dataset lists users to whom the survey is sent and their status, plus additional general information about the survey for user consumption
  • The sent survey is launched from the Survey dataset
  • Participant's responses are sent to the base dataset

The following is a worked example to create a basic survey.

The survey is for evaluation of delivered seminars in a calendar month, there are five elements to be evaluated:

  • date attended
  • the quality of the seminar content
  • number of previous seminars attended
  • additional comments on content
  • would future seminars be recommended to others

Step one: generate a base (target) dataset with properties to be populated by the survey

Start with a blank dataset

As you add a new property (access the Property dialogue accessed via the Property menu bar bottom left), ensure you select the correct corresponding property type e.g. quality is a scale 1 - 5, so the type is number.

Note: security works the same as with other datasets to hide properties etc., see other knowledgebase articles on security as it is not discussed here.

The final, unpopulated dataset will have five new properties, and the icons indicate their type.

Note Previous is text as it will be a choice of ranges, so it is type text not number.

Step two: within the base (target) dataset's properties, add webform-specific elements to the created properties which determine how participants interact with the survey

Note: this need not be a second step, the web form settings are just another aspect of Property so can be done when initially creating the property

  • The goal is to have a web form control that matches the way the data is to be collected
  • Sometimes this will be obvious e.g. type date will be webform control date, type yes/no will be webform control flipswitch
  • Ensure Include on Form is selected otherwise the webform control will not appear on the survey, so the property cannot be set

For property Quality, in this example there is a fixed scale so a slider has been used:

For property Previous, the Select control is used which has multiple variations in terms of display including multi-select

For each option added, a different value can be assigned:

In this example the 'value' stores a simplified variation of the 'option' text, however for more complex analytics, a numerical value could be associated  with the option: if that were the case the property type should be Number.

Step three: link the base (target) dataset to the survey

Simply click the relevant control on the main menu bar

Step four: update the survey dataset with relevant properties and consider participants

After the survey dataset has been launched by OrgVue, a Survey properties dialogue shows with a small number of completed fields i.e. the base (target) dataset and this (survey) dataset, while the rest is blank


Behind the dialogue a worksheet is visible, with two properties shown:

Each line (node) is associated with a named participant, but this does not have to be completed if there is no requirement to track participants.

The left hand side of the toolbar has three new icons


  • The 'Send survey' link bulk sends survey links for named individuals in the dataset where survey participant tracking is required
  • The 'Get survey' link provides the survey link, used when participant tracking is not required i.e. use a standard mail client like Outlook to mail a link to a list of e-mail recipients
  • Note if the survey property says "invited participants only", the get survey link will be disabled

The right hand end of the toolbar menu has a pencil icon which is a link back to the Survey property dialogue:

Returning to the worked example ... update the dialogues with some appropriate text and then it is ready to launch:



The survey is now in effect complete, pending a decision on who participates.

Step five: launch the survey and choose participants

At this stage, the likelihood is you want to test the survey.  The easiest way to do this is to click on the get survey link button

and copy this into a browser, to display the survey:


The completed results would write back to the base (target) dataset.

If you want to launch an untracked survey, you could now email the link to everyone you want to participate.

For a tracked survey, return to the survey dataset and add nodes (from the menubar bottom left) for participants:

Which appears in the dataset as 'ready to send'

(The 'TargetDatasetID' is the auto-generated unique identifier of the target dataset. The 'TargetItemID' is the ID of the target node in the target dataset.)


Once the Send Survey dialogue is selected, a new dialogue is generated for completion:

and once it has been customised for your use, select send.  Everyone who is at 'readytosend' status will be mailed the survey link.

A dialogue will be shown confirming the status of the mail send, and the corresponding status property is updated:

Step six: participants complete survey, base (target) dataset is updated

Once the survey is completed by the user:


The survey dataset is updated with the new status:

As is the base (target) dataset, ready for further analysis, as with any other OrgVue dataset:

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