OrgVue Surveys - Tracked vs Untracked..

Once you are ready to send a survey, a decision needs to be made as to which survey type is sent.

The pre-requisite is linking from the corresponding dataset, see below:

  • [1] Send Survey button (trigger Send survey Dialogue)
  • [2] Get Survey Link button (copies the untracked survey link to the clipboard)

At the point of Send Survey, a description of Tracked vs Untracked is displayed.

An untracked survey will send the same link to all participants, which is why completion status by individual cannot be tracked, and the link will remain active until the survey is closed by an Admin role

A tracked survey will have different links for each participant.  This means completion status can be tracked and the link will become inactive once that participant has completed

Conceptually we refer to tracked surveys as ‘closed’ because each person needs to have a unique link to access the survey, but this does not mean there is a requirement to you need to login or provide any other credentials.

A closed link (tracked survey) looks like this:


Because the closed link contains the survey item id, it is possible to track the fact that that particular link was accessed, and reload the saved data associated with that survey item whenever the link is accessed.

An open link (untracked survey) looks like this:


The open link only contains the survey dataset id, so all it knows is which set of questions to provide. Every time you access it you will get a new blank survey to fill in, so is more suited to shorter, complete-in-one-go fire-and-forget surveys, and where tracking whether particular people have completed it is not important.


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