How to extract a report with all employees in my local country (filtered Excel export)

The following steps should help you achieve your task, the image below should give you an overview of what is required.

  • First, click the (coffee) filter icon from the middle of the top menu bar.  The filter allows you to choose the records you want to show.  On the left hand side, click on those properties you want to include in the filter, and on the right side select what you want included in the filter.  For your example, you probably want to select at least property Country, and filter on required value.  Click the filter icon inside the dialogue to Apply before closing
  • Next, pop out the Property pane on the right by clicking the arrow near "Paste".  Under Properties, choose those properties you want to show in the main view by ticking them e.g. Global ID, Name etc.
  • As you probably want to run this report again in the future, you can Pin (save) the report and it will stay in the dropdown list just below your login name.  I recommend you include a date in the name, every time you save you can create a new report you can change the name (date) and build up a basic archive
  • Finally click the Copy button (you might have to click the Property pane back into place to see it by clicking the arrow).  You might want to expose the Options and chose Selected Properties.  Click Prepare button then CTRL_C.  You can then paste/export into Excel.

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