Data management icons on the home page

A standard data management dialogue is shown on the home page regardless of which tab is selected:

[*] note, you cannot create a new dataset while in the Favourites tab


You can change the way that datasets are grouped together and displayed on your home screen by selecting one of the different options from the drop-down list.


Click on any dataset, then click this star to make the dataset viewable under the favourites tab

Click on any dataset, then click this tag button to declare a tag. Tagging allows you to define who can see and edit each dataset

Clicking the plus button creates a new dataset (make sure you click the desired tab for the dataset prior to clicking the plus button).

Clicking the ‘Add from template’ button will create a new dataset from any dataset tagged as ‘template’

Click on any dataset, then click the trash can to delete it

The ‘Reload Data’ button loads the latest datasets into the environment

The Search Bar (which is in the top left hand corner of the Header Bar) is a quick way to find datasets when there are a large number of datasets in an OrgVue environment


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