Home screen - tabs used for dataset organisation

All data is held in a series of tabs

  • ‘Favourite’ data is shown in the favourites tab (Note: Favourites can hold any type of dataset)
  • Different types of data are held in different tabs, e.g. Roles are held in a dedicated tab, while processes are held in a separate tab; data types can be customised
  • Data types can be linked together, which automatically creates ‘links’ Datasets
  • Lookup tables can be used to define data which can be referenced in any dataset, similar to a very powerful ‘vlookup’ in excel
  • OrgVue administrators only control user access in a ‘Users’ dataset
  • Surveys can be defined in ‘Survey’ datasets

Conceptually, these tabs can be identified as two different types

Permanent system tabs deal with system-level issues, such as managing Favourites, Links, Lookups, User Permissions and Surveys


Configurable tabs contain different types of datasets and are configurable by the administrator

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