How do I find a named property (property search)?

To access the property search, open up the property menu shown at the bottom left hand side of the OrgVue screen:

Type in the Find property space in the top-left of the property pane to filter to only show properties whose name contain those letters.

Search for Multiple Properties Simultaneously

What you can also do is search for several different names simultaneously, by typing words separated by commas:

e.g. to display only Value, Target, and Difference properties in the property pane.

It is also possible to use the AND or OR operators in the Find property box.

Type: Based Search

You can also search based on the data type of a property.

Other types are 'number', 'text', 'boolean'.


Advanced search statements to identify lookups and expressions


This will identify all those properties that are derived from lookups.



This will identify all those properties that are derived from expressions.


Addendum:  Expression-Based Property Listings for Troubleshooting

Paste these expressions into the Expressions Manager to see the list of relevant properties for further analysis (for explanation of syntax, see Gizmo Cookbook)

Purpose Expression
All properties available in the dataset
Non-generated properties only>!p.isgenerated)
Non-evaluated (non-calculated) properties only>!p.isevaluated)
All non-generated and non-evaluated properties>!p.isgenerated || !p.isevaluated)
All generated and evaluated properties>p.isgenerated || p.isevaluated)

Note that in-built generated properties are listed in italics, generated custom dimensions are shown in plain text

This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting Team

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