How do I create a branded process map?

  • Create a new lookup dataset called “Process Type”
  • Paste the following into the dataset and Save


Id label color icon size
Value Stream Value Stream #627070 square 10
Process Process #88508b square 10
Activity Activity #4f81be square 5
Decision Decision #f4972e square 45 10
Deliverable Deliverable #94b762 circle 10


  • In the active dataset, add a property called “Process Type"
  • Paste the following expression into the default value box for that property (and select “Inherited”)

 var processType;

if (node.depth==1){processType = "Value Stream"}
else if (node.depth==2){processType = "Value Stream"}
else if (node.depth==3){processType = "Process"}
else if (node.depth==4){processType = "Activity"}
else if (node.depth==5){processType = "Decision"}
return processType;

  • Save the “Process Type” property
  • Navigate to the Process dashboard page
  • In the dashboard tab in the sidebar select the Icon “Process Type”
  • Set the dimension colour to “Process Type”
  • Recalculate the dataset
  • Your Process Dashboard will now have the Concentra standard colouration and symbols.

Note that these five categories use the pre-agreed Concentra-brand (as of writing) colours and icons. Nodes at level >= 6 are not supported.

It is possible to add extra categories to the LOOKUP dataset and further "else if(){}" statements in your Process Type expression if you want to specify shapes and colours for lower levels.

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