How can I load 10,000 people and give everyone a view?

If I, for example, loaded 10,000 people into OrgVue and wanted to give all managers / senior managers a view user access so that they could see their organisations (but not the entire organisation), how easy is that to achieve?

There are two ways of doing this: the fast way, and the slow way.

The fast way is to do it based on e.g. department. Each manager could see everything in their own department (including above them).

The slow way to do it is based on hierarchy. Each manager could see everything for the organisation below them. This would be slower to process, though exactly what performance penalty was imposed would depend on the size of the dataset (records and properties).

Both ways of implementing require intervention from the core development team.

How big is the performance penalty? We have tested up to 10,000 records with 20 properties for permission-based access, and it worked perfectly satisfactorily at that level.

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