How can I make filter function simulate OR?

I have a snapshot of a dashboard filtered on function Exploration. I am trying to include one person called John Doe (function senior management) into the filter but I am not able to do this.

The standard filter function does not support OR directly in the way described, but there is an alternate mechanism using the Parking Lot feature which should get you to the point required.

These are the steps:

  • Apply the filter to function (Exploration selected)
  • Drag all the nodes to the Parking Lot feature on the right hand pop-out menu. The nodes are selected by clicking on the orange icon on the title bar of the filter dialogue
  • Now locate the John Doe node through any suitable means - I switched back to the worksheet view and did a Find - and also drag this node into the Parking Lot, which now in effect has the desired OR condition applied
  • Return to the filter, clear the existing filter and filter by Parking Lot, choosing the lot created (mine defaulted to being named Lot 1)
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