Maximum interactive nodes: why do I only see icons not cards?

Q. We would like to print a large poster of an entire organisation showing the name and grade for each person in the organisation (a couple of hundred people). However, beyond a certain number of nodes orgvue only displays an icon and not the cards themselves

A. By default the maximum number of cards that can be drawn is 500. However, you can alter this temporarily by accessing the admin panel. To do that, Ctrl-Click on the OrgVue logo (top left).



You can the set the Maximum interactive nodes to a larger number. Please note that this is not a supported feature, and your mileage may vary… we have set this number to 500 in order to maintain good performance. However, on a reasonably specced laptop with 4GB of RAM, using the simple card, I have been able to create charts with two thousand cards on.

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