How do I set custom values for bins (automated segmentation for charts)?

The concept of bins is to give automated segmentation of data especially for charting.

In practice once you have a basic chart structure identified, likely you will want to have some direct control over the segmentation of data displayed

The starting point is the Edit Property dialogue (see this link)

  • You can edit each property by hovering over the gap just to the left of the data entry box, which brings up a cog symbol.
  • Click the cog. This opens the Edit Property dialog
  •  If the "Type" is set to Number  you can choose options for Custom Bins.

Additional Advice

  • there is no specific limit on bins/"intervals".
  • if there is no zero in my bin settings, see attached, as the minimum value is one in the dataset but 2 for the bin, a bin of <2 is generated
  • if I want sequental numbers to be shown, some of which have zero instances to display, the custom bins are likely to be explicitly 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8
  • if the highest value in my bin setting is 7, but the next lowest range is one below, 6 (in fact, the range 5 - 6), so any value above 7 is shown as >6
  • if I set the highest bin setting as say 100, (so values shown are 2,3,5,7,100), then a range 7 - 99 will show: if I want a greater than symbol to show, the highest value in the dataset (say 9) must be greater than the highest bin setting (say 7)



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