Audit log - view changes and adjustments made by users

If you right click inside the worksheet, you will see some options displayed.


Select Retrieve Audit Log …


In the second dialogue, click on the calendar to choose how far back you want the audit log to go.


Once you proceed past the second dialogue, OrgVue will download an Excel CSV file. Note, if this does not succeed at the first attempt, please re-attempt: we see occasional problems when the audit log is large.

A sample extract is below:


If you want to trace a e.g. possible deletion, the best way to obtain the information you require is via the OrgVue Audit Log functionality.

Once you have the CSV file open, you can use standard Excel controls to identify the information you require. If you turn on Filters, you can restrict your view to the actions that interest you (create/update/delete) and the corresponding {unique ID}.  Let's assume you filtered on delete.

From there you can find the deleted row(s) with the {unique ID}(s) - make sure it's the last such record as it's possible the row has been deleted and re-added in the past. The corresponding row(s) should contain all the data that the record(s) had, and can then be re-entered.

Note: If copying from the CSV file into the dataset again, please do not include the contents of the Action column.


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