Release notes – OrgVue version 2.20

These release notes will give you a summary of the new release and how to make the most of the new features.

  • Pivot View: depending on the number of nodes in a single cell,  individual nodes within the pivot view may be displayed as cards, or as a summary graphics. For cards you can select different card styles and sort their values. For summary cells you can select different shapes including circles, pictographs, sunflowers and treemaps (clockwise in the image below).
Pivot View

OrgVue 2.20 pivot view analysis: Tenure vs Grade, coloured by performance

  • Search: a search box has been added to the right side panel. Simply type the text to find and search through all text fields to find matches, grouping the results by the property in which the match was found. More specific searches can be performed by adopting the find syntax (but dropping the “find “ prefix). Use the pipe character (|) for or queries.
  • Colour control: a new standard set of colour palettes have been provided to make it easier to spot trends and interrelationships. Colour gradients may be calculated using linear interpolation of RGB, or by using an LCH based colour space. The latter may provide more vivid colours within the gradient, but will not work with all colour combinations.
  • Paging control: usability and performance enhancements have been made to the paging control including a select box so you can jump to any page. You may also switch pages using Page Up and Page Down via the keyboard. When paging through nested pages, empty pages are now skipped automatically.
  • Filter control: summaries within the filter control are now shown to 6 significant figures, enabling the filter control to be used more easily for rapidly answering basic statistics about your data.
  • Ghost nodes: when visualising an organisation chart where a filter has been applied, the details of the ghost nodes (those required to draw the hierarchy, but which otherwise lie outside the filter), will now be displayed without colour in the Summary Card. Further unselecting the Ghosts checkbox in the Properties pane will reduce the Ghost card to display just the Title and Subtitle.
  • Removal of Home icon: the home icon, previously shown at the left of the toolbar, has been removed as many users reported issues clicking on this icon in error when navigating between tabs. In order to return to the home screen, the close icon on the far of the toolbar should be used instead.
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