OrgVue problem solving #2: six simple checks

Each piece of software takes getting used to, but even after years of exposure, people make mistakes. No matter the technology, the ‘bioware’ is often an issue. Whether it’s responding to client questions or troubleshooting for myself on the fly, if I’m faced with an unexpected outcome and can’t think of anything after abstracting the problem, the next thing I check is whether there’s a simple inconsistency that’s been missed. I tend to run through 6 checks of the OrgVue set up and my access to it. More often than not, I get to an answer before I finish the list:

  1. Am I on the right web address? (correct environment of demo vs live, most up to date version number)
  2. Are my credentials correct?  (am I logged in using the correct information, is my account correctly set up in the users dataset)
  3. Do I have the appropriate permissions? (appropriate role type, dataset tagged for access or lookup, properties secured correctly, any typos in an “owner” property)
  4. Am I looking at the most up-to-date information?  (does the issue persist if I recalculate the dataset, reload the dataset or tenant, refresh the browser)
  5. How well is my browser performing? (IE can be slow, sometimes Chrome doesn’t copy to clipboard)
  6. Are there any likely technical interferences? (is Flash installed and up-to-date, are there any Firewalls that might be blocking traffic, NB. battery saving mode can slow down running)

If none of these are the root of the problem, and after following the next step you’ve still not found the solution, you may need to get in touch with the support desk. If you do so, it is incredibly helpful if you also provide the information listed in these 6 checks. It will help Support rule out issues and replicate your conditions when testing the problem.


This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting Team

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