Dual Reporting Lines Using Team View Dashboard

  • You can depict dual reporting lines using the Team View dashboard
  • In the dashboard controls you can select a property to use to show matrix reporting lines
  • You can navigate through the org. chart by clicking throughout the dashboard (and with the controls)
  • The Team View dashboard will show a person (node) and include their matrix reporting line, but will only count them as one node unless their node is physically duplicated in the data set , which is unnecessary
  • The outgoing count calculation is based on nodes in your data set,so there is no need to add exceptions to the outgoing calculation as there is no concept of double counting: in most data sets 1 person = 1 node so the problem would not arise
  • If you choose to duplicate a person’s node then both those nodes will be part of the outgoing count calculation

 This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting Team

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