How to optimise PowerPoint output from OrgVue (especially Org Charts)

OrgVue makes it easy to optimise the look and feel of Organisation Charts via its Powerpoint export function

To export to PowerPoint, use Take Snapshot from the menubar and choose Take SnapShot with the PowerPoint option selected


The PowerPoint option creates PPT slides with nodes as PowerPoint objects, so within PowerPoint you can e.g. group any collection of nodes you wish, then drag / drop them around on the slide to edit the visual layout.

Given everything exported is an object, there are enumerous changes you can make to improve the appearance of the output by clicking on that object (or group of objects ) e.g.


  • A simple change would be to change the slide title to something other than the datset name:


  • Making text easier to read by setting bold


  • Re-colour and resize lines

  • Provide emphasis with font changes

  • Adjust kerning (character spacing) for clearer appearance of text

  • Resize objects to de-emphasise

In fact, make any changes to the appearance and structure within the scope of Powerpoint

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