Pictures in OrgVue: Top tips

What is the process to upload pictures (photos)  into the system? How are pictures handled? What are the limitations around pictures both in the software and exporting to pdf/ppt? Do they have to be a specific size? Where and how are they uploaded into the tool? 

  • Pictures work best in Passport format, ideally around 10KB per image
  • Uploaded images should be formatted as PNG or JPG files
  • Uploaded images will be scaled automatically
  • The images must be named to match the values of a property in your dataset. e.g. if you named each image with the employee email address, you could then merge the images on the employee email address in your dataset.
  • The images should then be placed in a single zip file, all at a flat (root) level (no subfolders)

In terms of process

  • Create a property of type 'Image', then use the 'Upload zip' button from the Edit Property dialogue box. Note if the zip button does not appear, save the property, then save the dataset, before re-opening the image property dialogue.

The image file names must match the values of a property. OrgVue will try its best to find a property that carries the right names to match on . Typically, the most 'ideal' image file name would correspond to an imported unique ID value.

Once you have uploaded the zip, the image values will be scanned for a property with values that match the image values. For this reason, normally the default match will be correct

Once you've done all that, set up the Summary card in Tree view like this, being sure to select the Image option towards the bottom of the panel and then selecting the right property : -


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