Toolbar and Navigation


WORKSHEET VIEW: Data as a grid/list and where data is pasted in from Excel or entered directly

PAUSE/ GO: pause or play updates of data & charts after changes have been made

DASHBOARD VIEW: Displays data in the form of various Dashboards

FILTER: is used to find subsets of data, also useful for seeing numbers & percentages

TREE VIEW: Displays data in the form of trees in different layouts e.g. org charts

CALCULATE DELTA: is used to make comparisons between two datasets

CHART VIEW: Bar charts and scatter plots

SELECT LABEL: is used to control which Property the special ‘Label’ Property is set to

PIVOT VIEW: Similar to pivot tables in Excel, useful for cross-checking & validating data

PARENT BY: is used to control which Property stores the information through which OrgVue renders hierarchies for the current dataset

LINK VIEW: is used to link two datasets together

SHOW LEVELS: is used to limit the maximum organisation depth rendered in the current view

REFRESH: refreshes the data (re-draws the current View)

LAYOUT: is used to switch between Flat and hierarchical view (Tree view) of the dataset

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