Resolving case sensitivity in expressions (lookups)

My expression works when entered as a property on my employee data set. However if I enter it as a property on my post data set it always returns the false / negative value.

Based on your description, the most likely cause is in the expression and that the most likely cause will be that in lookups, as the lookup dataset name is particularly senstive to the use of whitespace.

The below should be a 'clean' version of your own expression:

if( node.lookup('Emp No').isblocker == true ) {"Yes"} else {"No"}

This can also be written as a short-form (ternary) expression, which will achieve the same objective:

node.lookup('Emp No').isblocker == true "Yes" : "No"

Although there is a third, more preferable option that if the property is marked as a Yes / No field (see attachment), then below will also work; it would be more preferable as Yes / No fields can also be aggregated:

node.lookup('Emp No').isblocker == true

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