Keyboard Shortcuts (aka Hotkeys)

OrgVue uses many standard hotkeys. These are dependent to some extent on the browser you are using, so we have seen variations from time to time in hotkey functions in Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

The list of hotkeys below can all be helpful:


Hot Key Action
Ctrl-SPACE Autocomplete e.g. Gr -> Group
Ctrl-D Delete node
Ctrl-N or Ctrl-Q Add as Root
Ctrl-ENTER Add as Child
SHIFT-ENTER Add as Sibling
Ctrl-RIGHT/DOWN Expand level
Ctrl-LEFT/UP Collapse level
Ctrl-SHIFT-RIGHT/DOWN Expand all
Ctrl-SHIFT-LEFT/UP Collapse all



Hot Key Function Context
Ctrl-C Copy ... Out of OrgVue or Out of Excel
Ctrl-V Paste ... Into OrgVue or Into Excel
Ctrl-F Open Filter / Close Filter  
Ctrl-S Save Not in IE
Ctrl-R Log out of the Tenant Only in IE
Alt-click “Check” multiple properties in the sidebar / filter control Avoids reload time between selections. Click the last item without holding Alt to recalculate all properties
Ctrl-0 Fit-to-screen In Dashboard, Tree, Chart, and Pivot views – only works once you have clicked somewhere in the canvas
Ctrl-9 Fit-width As above
Ctrl-→ /
Expand / Collapse tree           hierarchy by one level Only works on worksheet view
Ctrl-Shift-→ / 
Expand / Collapse all lower levels from this node Only works on worksheet view
Spacebar Expand down as far as worksheet was opened prior to the last collapse If there was no previous collapse, this works the same as Ctrl-→
Ctrl-Drag Suppress the confirmation dialog When dragging a node to become e.g. the child of another node, or to be deleted
Suppresses the confirmation of the type of delete (e.g. cascade delete to all descendants, re-parent descendants to grandparent) and automatically follows the option used for the last delete.
Ctrl-Enter Add and new When adding new nodes in the new node dialog
Page up / down Moves through options by the amount you can view Pages up and down worksheet and filter control properties
Tab Runs through options On popups and in the Edit Property dialogue
Shift+Tab Runs through options backwards On popups and in the Edit Property dialogue
Ctrl-K Opens a new tab with the same web address Only in IE

This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting Team

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