OrgVue problem solving #1: abstracting the problem..

In supporting clients with OrgVue I get asked about a range of issues, from tenant admin (someone’s forgotten their password), through troubleshooting defects (that usually aren’t defects) and supporting some of the more advanced features (e.g. lookups, security), up to consulting advice (“how could I write this expression more efficiently?”).

The vast majority of support time is spent answering questions that are in the training materials or online knowledgebase.   So I thought I’d put together a blog mini-series outlining 3 processes to help solve issues when they come up in OrgVue.

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Abstract the problem

It is easy to panic when you can’t see what you expected. Instead, ask yourself: “what was I expecting to see?”, “what am I actually seeing?”, “what aspect of OrgVue’s behaviour might explain this expectation gap?”

For example, one of the most common questions I get is: “why can’t I see the whole hierarchy?” I get this question once every couple of weeks, and almost without fail the answer has been one of the following:

  1. the user has an applied filter

  2. the “expand to level” selection is not what the user expected

  3. they have accidentally changed the “Parent By” to something incorrect

  4. there is pagination applied to the dataset

  5. the tree type is not intuitive – e.g. columns

Check these possibilities using the icons highlighted in the screenshot below:

OV problem

This a useful checklist if you find yourself looking at an org chart with a hierarchy you weren’t expecting. But to boil it down to the bare essence, ask the question, “what might be happening in OrgVue to make my hierarchy look wrong?” The answer is either (a) you’re not seeing the whole hierarchy (filter, expand to level, pages), or (b) the hierarchy you were expecting isn’t being generated (parent by), or (c) the hierarchy is present and correct but not being drawn intuitively (tree type).


This article was authored by Ben Marshall from the OrgVue Consulting Team

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