Flash memory management and warnings in OrgVue

  • Since version 2.18.x on, OrgVue will display a warning message in Internet Explorer when Flash player memory usage climbs to 1.2 GB


  • When you see this message, you should save your work and close your browser before restarting a new OrgVue session


  • If an error is thrown, and OrgVue cannot recover from it, the following error message will be displayed


  • In this case, you should quit the application altogether and restart by pressing the Reload button, since OrgVue may have become unstable until you do so. Your work will not be saved at the point of pressing Reload
  • In theory you can press Continue and attempt a manual Save, but there is a real risk of losing changes since the last Save and you may still be forced to Reload
  • (Note: the title bar here may show as 1502 Error)


  • The grey circle with an exclamation point is a generic memory error icon generated by Flash Player (not by OrgVue or your browser): this happens when Flash has insufficient memory available, and the Flash Player brings itself to a halt


  • When this happens there is no real alternative but to restart the browser, however by following the memory management techniques above you should avoid seeing this error.


Best practice working with Flash Player

The most straightforward way to manage Flash is down to ensuring the latest version is installed and having periodic browser restarts.

  • Always use the latest available version of Flash: you can always access this link to check for latest versions.
  • Ideally run OrgVue under a single tab in the browser, rather than have multiple tabs open at the same time.
  • Restart your PC (having saved all work) on a nightly basis, although closing down the browser and restarting periodically should have the same effect.



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