Flash Player memory management and warnings in OrgVue

Best practice working with Flash Player

  • Always use the latest available version of Flash Player: you can always access this link to check for latest versions.
  • Ideally run OrgVue in a single tab in the browser, rather than have multiple tabs open at the same time.
  • Restart your PC (having saved all work) on a daily basis, although closing down the browser and restarting periodically should have the same effect.
  • When you first access OrgVue, hold the Ctrl key down and click on the 'Reload' button at top right of the toolbar. This action clears the Flash Player cache


  • Try to make a habit of doing this whenever you are on the OrgVue home screen.
  • Another way to clear the Flash Player cache completely is to navigate to the Control Panel, then Flash Player, then the Advanced tab and finally click 'Delete all'.


NOTE: Clearing your machine's Flash Player cache as explained above is a completely different operation to that of clearing your browser's cache.  Clearing the browser's cache and re-loading the web page ensures that all the page's content is sourced from the page's provider, and not from your machine's browser cache which might have cached items for that page if you had visited it previously.

Clearing your machine's browser cache is typically done by holding the Ctrl key down and then pressing either the 'R' or 'F5' key. This action is unlikely to impact the operation of OrgVue in any way (other than slowing the subsequent first load of the various OrgVue pages).

(We have had one instance where an OrgVue survey's 'Save progress' and 'Complete' buttons were not appearing as buttons and this problem was overcome by clearing the machine's browser's cache.)


Symptoms of a Flash problem

  • It is possible that OrgVue may not report a problem with Flash, yet the data you see may be affected. If the data presented on screen appears not to be complete then, after carefully sense checking any filters you have applied, save and close the dataset, clear the Flash cache (as described above) and re-open the dataset. 


Flash problem - Error messages and warnings

  • If you see this warning at top left of the OrgVue screen you should clear your Flash Player cache as explained above



  • Orange bar hanging and login page not loading

If Flash Player is not installed and enabled you will likely see just this : -


As opposed to : -

You can check your installation of Flash Player here - http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager03.html

See also http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/about/


  • OrgVue will display a warning message in Internet Explorer when Flash player memory usage climbs to 1.2 GB

When you see this message, you should save your work and close your browser before restarting a new OrgVue session



  • If you are presented with this error message offering you the option of either 'Reload' or 'Continue' , this is an indication that OrgVue's interaction with Flash has become unstable. Try saving the data you are working on, close the dataset, clear the Flash cache (as described above) and re-open the dataset.
  • If that's not possible, click 'Continue'. save your work immediately and close the dataset. Then clear the Flash cache (as described above), and re-open the dataset.
  • If that fails, click 'Reload'. This will result in you losing all your work since the last 'Save'.
  • (Note: the title bar here may show as 1502 Error)


  • This grey circle with an exclamation point is a generic memory error icon generated by Flash Player (not by OrgVue or your browser): this happens when Flash has insufficient memory available, and the Flash Player brings itself to a halt
  • When this happens there is no real alternative but to restart the browser, however by following the memory management techniques above you should avoid seeing this error.




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