How to use surveys to populate a linked dataset

This article outline the sequence required to use surveys in conjunction with linking, e.g. to complete a team capabilities exercise using linked datasets where the link value is populated for person/capability.

This is a paired article, an alternate method for doing this is using webforms - outlined here - but this approach uses surveys to achieve the stated goal


An alternative approach to this process, using surveys in place of webforms is possible, although unlike the webforms method, there would have to be a second step to transform the collected data.

Surveys are used to collect data for a single row, so you will have to collect your data in a fixed number of columns and then pivot that data to copy it into the links dataset.


Starting from our existing setup - documented here - tag the process dataset with lookup


In the Surveys tab, create a new dataset, and add two properties exactly as below:

  • from_id
  • value



Once you have those two properties, you can duplicate from the property pane to generate more pairs of from_id/value properties:


Set up recipients using the standard surveys method



(you can modify the question text and add introductory/closing text from the survey dataset properties as per usual method).


Once the survey has been launched, access the link received and complete the detail requested by the survey



Once the data is collected, you can transform it in the tool of your choice



Before pasting it into the links dataset:






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