How to use webform surveys to populate a linked dataset

This article outline the sequence required to use surveys in conjunction with linking, e.g. to complete a team capabilities exercise using linked datasets where the link value is populated for person/capability.

This is a paired article, an alternate method for doing this is using surveys - outlined here - but this approach uses webforms to achieve the stated goal


The webforms approach is suitable for directly creating and editing the link values and for use on an ongoing basis.

Considering this example setup where there is a LinkSurvey-People dataset (People tab) and LinkSurvey-Processes dataset (Processes tab)

People dataset


Process dataset




  • Link people to process and add some initial link (here, Person B is split 60-40 across Processes B and C)


Creating these initial links creates this links dataset under the Links tab:


The ID value of the nodes in the links dataset are auto-generated, the linking columns (People and Processes) are based on the ID of the people and process nodes that they link, see below for example.



  • To set up a webform (accessible by logged-in OrgVue users), you can open the edit property dialog for People, Processes and Value and set the required parts of the 'Web Forms' section.

Hitting the Autofill button for the People and Processes properties will automatically fill the 'Options' list by grabbing all the possible values from the People and Process datasets.

Autofill is not dynamic, so if you later add/remove items from those datasets, you would have to re-hit autofill.

Example screenshots for all four properties required, plus Value property, see below images for detail.

  • ID
  • from_id
  • to_id
  • Processes





The objective of the

[node.from_id, ' -> ', node.to_id].join('') 

default expression for the ID property is to provide a human-readable label for the webforms.

Accessing Webform

Once the above properties have been set up and saved, you can click the webforms link button from the menu bar.

link-w10.png visit this URL, which is the webform used


This would allow you or other dataset users to add and modify links through an HTML interface.

Webform Owner Filtering

The likely required next step is to set up webform owner filtering.

For this to work you will have to use email addresses as the id values for the People dataset and update the autofilled options for the People property:



... given this data now in the the Links dataset (note change of Label property to show human readable node format configured above).


You can modify the standard webforms URL by appending


to read something similar to this (not a valid link):

  • Visiting this link as the dataset owner, you will see all the items.
  • Visiting this link as one of the people in the People dataset, you will see only records that relate to your email address in People (i.e. from_id) column:


  • This feature is more for the convenience of webforms users, it is not intended as a security feature (removing the end of the url ?loginFilter=from_id gives a normal link which shows the full dataset, and which does not prevent the user from submitting new values assigned to other email addresses).
  • Of course you still have access to the full OrgVue audit log for all changes made.
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