How do I work with competencies mapping

The Competencies dashboard shows a snapshot of competency level for the whole organisation as a heat map. Its content is dependent on descriptors being defined.

The competencies dashboard is only available when accessing a dataset from the Competencies tab.


In the Competencies dashboard, each competency forms a chevron group where each chevron represents proficiency level. It displays level description on the corresponding chevron. Boxes and labels indicate hierarchical structure – because competencies data is a taxonomy like your people, processes and objectives data.


To enable this feature, the properties defining each proficiency level are required. These properties could be named as anything but typically “Level 1”, “Level 2”, “Level 3”, or in a more descriptive way “Novice”, “Competent”, “Expert”, “World-Class”, so you need to tell OrgVue which properties are used to describe levels by adding aliases “Proficiency 1”, “Proficiency 2” and so on to your properties. If your dataset happens to use “Proficiency n” as property keys or names, you don’t need to add aliases as OrgVue can pick it up.

When your competencies dataset is linked to People (or Roles) dataset through proficiency levels. The dashboard can be heat-mapped with the number of people. This data can be captured through OrgVue’s assessment surveys or loaded from your database.


Further it shows who those people are - tick 'Show links' option from the Side Panel

A sample HR Competencies dataset is attached for review.

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