Latest advice when working with OrgVue using Chrome

We regret that performance problems may impact your experience with OrgVue following recent updates to the Flash Player running in the latest versions of Chrome browser.

If you have reached this page via a link from OrgVue, this is because you are running one of those versions.

For best results when working with OrgVue we presently recommend you switch from Chrome to an alternate browser installed on your computer

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

If you only have access to Chrome, you can continue to use OrgVue and work normally but you may experience slowness when:

  • loading a large dataset
  • closing a dataset (this may take several seconds without messages)

The source of the performance degradation is internal to the latest version of Flash Player (version 26, released on 16th June 2017) in Chrome only. We are pursuing a resolution with Adobe and once resolved, this page and the link to it will be removed.

If you have any further questions on this matter, please Submit A Request to the OrgVue Support team in the usual way via the link at the top of this page - no need to login. Please include, if applicable, your tenant name and dataset name in the request.

Thank you

OrgVue Support Team 

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