How to add value through Roles, Processes and Linking

This introductory article is aimed at providing an understanding of how to leverage linked datasets - here, roles and processes - for extended analysis within OrgVue.  There is no detail of methodologies in use to reach this point (sample data used is at the end of the article) this would normally be part of an OrgViue consulting engagement.

One dataset can be linked to another in a different tab through either numeric values e.g. % time spent
or text values e.g. RAS.

Conceptually from and to correspond to the datasets being Linked together – the order is indicated by the Home Screen tab ordering, e.g.

  • From People To Roles
  • From Roles To Processes
  • From Roles To Objectives etc.

Step One: Set up Roles and Processes Datasets

  1. Create a dataset in Roles tab based on the roles hierarchy
  2. Create a dataset in Processes tab based on the defined processes


Step Two Create Link Values (RAS Mapping in this example)

  1. Open up the Role dataset and Link it to the Processes dataset
  2. In the linking matrix, map R, A, S against each activity

(see companion articles on how to build a link matrix from existing data and how to import a link matrix based on standard format) 

at this point, there will be three separate datasets across the corresponding tabs


and a combined view of the datasets that can be viewed via the roles dataset, once links are included


Step Three: Adding Value via Links Dataset

From within the Links dataset, the standard controls can provide access to both Role and Process datset properties e.g. filter


... including charts ...

Now rather than seeing the activity breakdown for each individual role, it is possible to see the sum of the activity breakdown for all roles that group up into a higher level category e.g. department

  • Access the links dataset, chart view
  • Choose the operator (SUM) and measure (FTE) to execute the operator against
  • (Breakdown) by dimension (description)
  • Colour by category (department)FTE-Desc.PNG

It is possible to extend the functionality and charting capability within the Links database using the inbuilt from_id and to_id Gizmo operations, see this article which discusses like concepts with export.







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