How do I change order of nodes within a level

This article outlines options available for ordering in nodes, including supplied controls and programmatic methods

Standard behaviour is that:

  • The default structure of a given displayed hierarchy is built based on the pasted data depth first, top to bottom (lowest depth [1] to highest depth)
  • Ordering set in trunk datasets i.e. any datasets that are not branches, is retained on save.

Programatically, you can sort the nodes in Gizmo and then use .setSortOrder() e.g. if ordering by a property department


... then all siblings will be in department order: execute script using macro mode in expression pane - see details of mode here

Otherwise, there are supplied interactive visual controls, available within tree views, to determine order:

  • multiple controls are available by clicking on the node, including before, after, promote, demote
  • dragging and dropping in tree view triggers  an alternate dialogue for managing ordering









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